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In this busy Internet world it's more important than ever to be found because if you don't get found, nothing happens.

Traveljunkies is the fastest growing website promoting small companies and bloggers around the world in the travel, tourism and activities industries.

Since 2002 we have built a solid and reliable reputation connecting travellers and businesses and that has earned us top position on Page 1 in Google (and most other search engines).

So why Traveljunkies and what's in it for you?


One of the biggest problems small businesses face is competition from big businesses that can dominate your area with their large advertising budgets. This is a very real problem we hear about far too often and in fact, a big company wiped out our jet-ski business in March 2006.

So we've tackled the problem by only listing and promoting small businesses in Traveljunkies. 

If you’ve tried our free Entry Level Listing, or even if you haven’t, read on to see what a Premium Listing can do for you.

A Premium Listing takes full advantage of the power of Traveljunkies as the travel industry reopens and big companies pull out all the stops to recover revenue lost in the past two years.

So what are the benefits of a Premium Listing in Traveljunkies Adventure Travel Directory.

You're not competing with big companies, because we only list small businesses.

We help you get customers by sending our visitors direct to your website.

These are referrals who have seen your advert and want to know more.

Set up your advert and forget it. You will be found throughout the entire year, freeing up your time to spend with your family.

Your Premium Listing will be at the top of the page. This is critical because when people find what they're looking for, they rarely scroll further.

Your advert is your marketing. Pre-selling to prospects makes it a lot easier to sell on your website.

Your listing will have a picture and a description of your business encouraging visits to your website to find out more.

You choose Countries and Categories where you want your listing to be displayed.

Keywords are critical and every word in your Premium Listing is a keyword so you will get found even when people aren't looking for you. And don't forget unique keywords. 

Tell your visitors what to do next. Don't leave it to them or give too many choices because they may do nothing.

When a visitor clicks the link to your website, we send you an email to let you know, just like a Google Alert.

And Traveljunkies doesn't replace or compete with your normal advertising, it compliments it.

A Premium Listing is an investment, not a cost. Visitors are already looking for what you sell and just one extra customer will pay for your advertising for a whole year.

Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that with a listing in Traveljunkies which you can set up once and then forget about, can bring you a steady supply of prospects throughout the year as your small business competes for customers on level terms.

Create your own advert like this one to stir the emotions and encourage your new customers to visit your website. 

It’s surprisingly quick and easy to do because most of it already exists in your website.

Here's an example of our friend Bazz's listing for his canyoning company in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Cairns Canyoning Adventures - Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Location - Australia

Website –

Imagine climbing waterfalls, jumping off cliffs, boarding down fast flowing rivers or zip-lining over raging torrents. 

Canyoning is the ultimate adrenaline rush to experience the heart stopping thrills that takes you beyond your comfort zone with a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts. 

Visit our website to see our activities in action with top rafter Bazz Goes and his team. 

#canyoning #abseiling #queensland #fnq #allaboutcairns #CC66

What does a Premium position in the Traveljunkies Adventure Travel Directory cost?.


To display your Premium Listing costs just £297 for full year. There are no additional costs or monthly subscriptions and you can spread your payment over 3 months using Paypal's Pay In 3 Interest Free Method.

I look forward to welcoming you to Traveljunkies and helping you grow your business.

Thank you.


Cliff Chapman

We help you get customers by helping our customers find you.

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