If you'd like more customers to visit your website you're not alone, and we can help.

Traveljunkies is the fastest growing website promoting small companies and bloggers around the world in the travel, tourism and activities industries.

Since 2002 we have built a solid and reliable reputation connecting travellers and businesses and that has earned us top position on Page 1 in Google (and most other search engines).

In a recent survey, our customers told us the three biggest problems they face are:


Getting found


Competition from big businesses

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Not enough time

You may have other priorities but we’re pretty sure these figure somewhere in your list, so we’ve focused on them in our new Traveljunkies for 2022.

Through our Smart Start System, we will display your business with a free Entry Level Listing like this with a direct link to your website.

Cairns Canyoning Adventures – Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Location – Australia

Website URL –

Benefits of an Entry Level Listing

Your Entry Level Listing in our Smart Start program includes you in the fastest growing website promoting small companies and bloggers around the world in the travel, tourism and activities industries.

How does it work?

  • First of all, it’s free.

  • You can have your free listing in Traveljunkies for as long as you want. There’s no time limit.

  • There’s no pressure on you to upgrade to a Premium Listing.

  • This doesn’t replace your other advertising, it’s in addition to it.

  • Your listing in Traveljunkies doesn’t compete with big companies, because we only list small businesses.

  • We help you get customers by sending our visitors direct to your website.

  • These are referrals that have seen your advert and want to know more.

  • Just set it up and forget it. It takes just two minutes and, freeing up your time to grow your business or just relax.

  • We send you an email when our visitor connects to your website, just like a Google Alert.

  • You will receive a monthly Newsletter with hints and tips and advice to help you promote your business.

  • You won’t be spammed or flooded with emails

  • There’s no contract and no need for you to renew your listing. It will be there until you cancel.

What Does this mean to you?


You won’t have to go looking for new customers

because they will find you even if they’re not looking for you. Using Traveljunkies unique method, a search for any word in your advert will find you.


You won’t be competing with big businesses

because we don’t list big companies. Traveljunkies is only for small businesses, bloggers and publishers in the travel and hospitality sectors.


Try before you buy

You can have a free Entry Level Listing for an unlimited time to see how it works for you and what results you can get.
Where else can you advertise for free with no time limit, no subscription and no obligation to buy?


A problem for most small business owners is there’s never enough time.

This is where Traveljunkies scores over most other forms of advertising because you don’t have to regularly create new adverts, pay to have them displayed and continually post in Social Media.


Do it once and forget it

Your Entry Level Listing in Traveljunkies  will continue to be found by travellers until you remove it. You don’t have to do anything, it will continue to be displayed

We post regularly on Social Media and belong to more than 50 Facebook travel groups helping to grow our visitor numbers and our visibility worldwide.

Use the power of Traveljunkies.  Did you know a search for Traveljunkies or for Adventure Travel Directory find us on Page 1 in Google, Bing, Yahoo and almost every other search engine anywhere in the world, including Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia.

Where else can you get coverage like this?

Now, why don’t you help us to help you? When you promoteTraveljunkies to your users and followers, we get more visitors which means we can send even more visitors to you. This is a win/win all round.


PS.  Before you go, if you want to attract even more customers to your website click here to see what a Premium Listing can do for you.


Cliff Chapman

We help you get customers by helping our customers find you.