Why Traveljunkies

Why Traveljunkies?

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    Traveljunkies is the top marketing system supporting small companies and bloggers worldwide in the travel, tourism and activities industries and the #1 choice for travellers looking for something different.

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    Since 2006 we’ve built a solid and reliable reputation connecting travellers and businesses and that has earned us top position on Page 1 of Google (and most other search engines).

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    Traveljunkies began life as a newsletter in 2006 when Category 5 Cyclone Larry came right over us and demolished our jet ski business and almost every other business in the small town of Mission Beach in Queensland, Australia.

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    We started posting adverts for the small businesses hit by the cyclone and Traveljunkies has now grown into the world’s foremost Adventure Travel Directory and can be found on the first page of almost every search engine worldwide.

Who is Traveljunkies for?

Traveljunkies is for anyone ...


interested in travel whether as a traveller, a business owner or travel blogger.

Because everything is listed by country and type of activity ...


it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for and your search will quickly home in on the keyword or hashtag you’ve chosen.

And you won’t be presented ...


with the thousands or even millions of results you get from the main search engines that are dominated by big businesses on the first pages.


So sorry Google, we think we’re better than you.

An important point to make here.

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    Traveljunkies is only for small businesses that can provide the personal services only found in small businesses which are often run by the owners.

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    If you’re looking for big expensive hotels, world cruises and global packages then I wish you well, but you’re unlikely to find them here

Traveljunkies For Businesses


Since the beginning of time big guys have caused problems for the small guy and this has never been more so than in the world of advertising where businesses with big advertising budgets completely dominate their industries often at the expense of small businesses.

We hear about this far too often and we saw it first hand when a big company wiped out our jet-ski business in March 2006.

So we’ve tackled the problem by only listing and promoting small businesses in Traveljunkies, whether that’s a free  Entry Level Listing or a paid Premium Listing.



In this busy Internet world it’s more important than ever to be found, so take advantage of our top position in Google and register your listing in our Traveljunkies Adventure Travel Directory.

Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that with your listing in Traveljunkies, you can get a steady supply of customers throughout the year and your small business is competing on your own level terms.

Through our Smart Start System, you can have a Free Entry Level Listing that links directly to your website


It takes two minutes to set up, is completely free and there’s no time limit to how long you want your listing to be displayed.

When you find how this works for you, consider promoting your business more actively by upgrading to a Premium Listing  where just one extra customer will pay for your entire year’s advertising.

This is completely optional and there’s no pressure to do so. You can continue with your free listing for as long as you wish.

Whether you’re a business or a traveller we wish you well in these difficult times and if you need help or have ideas where we can improve our service, please let us know, and because we are a small business ourselves we can often change or fix things pretty quickly.

I look forward to welcoming you to Traveljunkies and helping you grow your business.

Thank you.


Cliff Chapman

We help you get customers by helping our customers find you.