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But Frst, What Do We Do? 

We connect travellers with small travel and activities businesses around the world by displaying Free Adverts in our Global Adventure Travel Directory.

Why do we do it and why small businesses?

When we lost our business to Larry in 2006, we were helped by local businesses who were also suffering.
So we decided to show our gratitude by advertising their businesses for free in our Traveljunkies newsletter, and we continue to promote small travel and tourism businesses on this website today.

Through popular demand this has now grown from a small town in Australia to more than 3,000 small businesses in most countries around the world and you can see them by searching our Home Page.

We know what it’s like to struggle after a setback and we are always happy when we can help others.

Our Story

I’m Cliff and Alison is my daughter. I live on Hayling Island in the UK and Ali lives in Cairns in QLD Australia, and we’ve been running Traveljunkies promoting small travel & tourism business since 2002.

 Alison at Crystal Cascades in Cairns, QLD, Australia – April 2017


In the early 2000’s we owned Dunk Jet Sports in the small town of Mission Beach, QLD, Australia, running jet ski tours around Dunk Island, one of the group of Family Islands lying 7km off Australia’s east coast in the Great Barrier Reef Heritage Area.

On 20 March 2006, Category 4 Cyclone Larry paid us a visit.
It came ashore right over us. Dunk Island was in its path and Larry completely demolished the holiday resort that supplied our customers. 

With some help from local small businesses we struggled on for a while trying to rely on beach trade and waiting for the resort to re-open.
It did open several months later, but it included its own jet skis and we were forced to close.

In 24 hours on that fateful day we went from a profitable lifestyle business to having no business at all.
A big company had closed us down and from comments we’ve received over the years we aren’t the only ones to suffer at the hands of big competitors.

A short while ago I got this email from one of our dear clients with their bad news.

Hello Cliff

The information is correct although we have sad news. Tyll’s Dive will close down begin may this year.
Our small business could just not survive and compete against new dive businesses with a good money back up.
As of now we have no one interested in buying the name and the permit owner of building is not interested in new tenents, which makes it difficult to sell the business as a whole package.
After we close down we will take a couple of weeks to relax and enjoy the island again, then most likely going back to Denmark for a while and find out what will happen from there and what options we have.

Thank you for your support over the years.
Tyll’s Dive
Roatan, Honduras

So What’s In It For You?

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If not and would like to be included, get in touch here  and we will be delighted to include you for free.

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

With very best wishes

Cliff & Alison

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